I Am A Remote Worker Now - Part 2

I survived my first week of working from home!

Well kinda. I actually ended up with a headache every day by 5pm. ☹️

I have good friends who work from home all day, everyday. I told them I envy them for being able to do it for various reasons. They either have home offices and/or no kids to bother them. You see, I don't have a home office that I can shut myself away in. My wife is a talented graphic design freelancer and works from home and has set up the "dinning room" as the office (for maximum tax benefit). Well we never ate there anyway so it was pretty much a wasted room otherwise. But now we both work at our respective corners of the once dining room at our separate desks. There are no doors to close or private spaces. I'm stuck in a house with three other people, four cats, and no doors to hide behind.

But don't pity me, I love these people and pets. I just don't get to close them out and therefore don't feel 100% productive. I also don't really conform to the eight hour work day that I used to while at the office. As I mentioned in my previous post, I like to keep the two environments separate and now that I have them merged together, the lines between home and work have blurred.

It's only been four days, so I just hope it's an adjustment period. I'll keep you posted.

Stay safe!