Pretzel Wheat by Lydian Stone Brewing Company

About Lydian Stone Brewing Company

Lydian Stone Brewing Company (formerly known as Touchstone Brewery, LLC) is all about people and providing a good craft beer experience - it's the perfect combination. A lydian stone is the original touchstone, which is a hard black stone that was traditionally used to measure the quality and purity of gold or silver. Through the ages it has come to mean a mark of excellent quality or a benchmark to test the excellence of genuineness of others. At Lydian Stone Brewing Company we use traditional brewing methods which have stood the test of time. Our brew batches are kept small to allow us to use quality ingredients, manage the brewing process while allowing creativity with our recipes. Each batch is handcrafted, non-pasteurized and bottle conditioned for superior flavor, producing the highest quality beer for you to enjoy in our tasting room or to take with you.

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