Bourbon Barrel-Aged Troegenator by Tröegs Independent Brewing


About Tröegs Independent Brewing

Tröegs Brewing Company was established in 1997 by brothers Chris and John Trogner. Today, the Hershey, PA-based brewery produces seven year-round beers (Perpetual IPA, Troegenator Double Bock, Sunshine Pils, Hopback Amber Ale, DreamWeaver Wheat, JavaHead Stout, and Solid Sender Ale); four rotating IPAs as part of the Hop Cycle series (First Cut, Crimson Pistil, Hop Knife, and Blizzard of Hops); and four Once a Year beers (Nugget Nectar, Nimble Giant, Master of Pumpkins, and Mad Elf). Tröegs also produces a variety of experimental, small batch beers as part of its Scratch Series. These beers are primarily available at the brewery only and most are draft-only limited releases, although some popular Scratch Beers (Fresh Hop Ale, Fest Lager, etc.) are bottled for release through the General Store at the brewery. Bottled Scratch Beers also began to appear in Anthology variety packs beginning with Anthology Winter in 2015. In late 2013, Tröegs introduced two year-round cork & cage bottle releases: LaGrave (Triple Golden Ale) and Jovial (Dubbel). The Splinter Series is a limited series of barrel-aged beers packaged in cork & cage bottles. Tröegs currently distributes its beers in CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA and VA.Show Less

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