Spinning Vinyl by Central Standard Brewing


About Spinning Vinyl

Almost 3 years in the making, Spinning Vinyl is a beer we’ve been excited about for nearly as long as we’ve been a brewery. Starting it’s life as Tenderfoot, our Belgian Imperial Stout, it made its way into a few very special barrels. We were lucky enough to get our hands on two freshly emptied port wine barrels from our friends at Grace Hill Winery, as well as two Leopold Cherry Whiskey barrels. The beer rested in these barrels for 23 months, imparting incredible barrel character. By themselves, they were each amazing, but when we blended the samples together, the real magic of this beer showed itself. Now, after nearly a year of bottle conditioning, it’s ready for your enjoyment.

This is not your “thicc” pastry stout... Refined and extremely complex, with district characters of port and bourbon showing themselves, while also playing together in a pretty magnificent way. Notes of sherry, oak, and bourbon-soaked cherries. Throw your favorite record on, snuggle up to the fire, and enjoy!

Via untappd.