Podge Belgian Imperial Stout by Brouwerij Alvinne


About Brouwerij Alvinne

Alvinne is a 1000hl microbrewery in Flanders, Belgium. It has become an official brewery in 2004 and is located in the village of Moen, at the edge of the Mortagne touristic area and in the area where the historic breweries of the old Flemish Brown beerstyle are situated.

Their own yeast strain is called Morpheus and was the reason to start experimenting with mixed fermentation, resulting in sour ales. Alvinne’s main mission is now to create innovative sour beers using the mixed fermentation method. They have gained international attention and respect for these beers.

The standard range of sour ales aged on stainless steel vessels consists out of the Phi, Omega and Sigma, and the same beers aged on barrels are the Cuvée Sophie (Cuvée Freddy with the greetings of Sophie for the US), Wild West and the Cuvée Freddy. There is also a whole range of fruit sour ales available in certain seasons. The Undressed foeder beer has some acidicy in the taste next to the base line sourness coming from the lactic bacteria.

Next to the sour range, Alvinne has an interesting beer list aged on carefully selected used barrels, resulting in excellent beers such as Cuvée De Mortagne.

Brewery Alvinne is co-organiser of one of Europe's best beerfestivals, the Alvinne Craft Beer Festival. On March 6th & 7th a very selective number of international breweries will serve fantastic range of craftbeers.

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