Sabuccino Sessanta Stout by Pizza By Brewing


Amore a prima vista! This decadent coffee and vanilla Imperial sweet stout was brewed for our good friends at Sabatini’s in Exeter, PA for their 60th anniversary. For this one we took enormous, like ENORMOUS, amounts of malt including pale ale, roasted barley, chocolate malt, 3 types of crystal and combined them with nearly 4 pounds of fresh Madagascar Vanilla beans and almost 2.5 pounds of coffee per barrel to make what we think is a perfectly over the top cappuccino stout. Our friends at Little Amps Coffee Roasters whipped us up the best beans for the brew, as always. Happy Anniversary Sabs, here’s to 60 more! Notes of heart stopping richness, heart racing coffee, lush vanilla and an excess of bunga bunga.

Via untappd.